I just bought a Windows Home Server (Fujitsu Scaleo 2205) and the Sonos music system. After configuring all the stuff I installed Asset UPnP 1.1.0 on the WHS because I want to integrate it in Sonos. During the installation (like described here) there were the error message "There is an error with C:\Programme\Illustrate\dBpowerup\dBConfig.exe" (I'm German, so the original message was "C:\Programme\Illustrate\dBpowerup\dBConfig.ex e ist ein Fehler aufgetreten").

I clicked OK, the installation continued and everything seemed fine because Asset appears in the installed Addin list and in the properties list where you can configure Asset. It's also possible to open the "Advanced settings" window and edit the settings.

But my problem is: Asset doesn't appear in Sonos - nor on the desktop controller neither on the handheld controller. I deinstalled and reinstalled Asset and restarted the WHS (really restart, not only suspend or hibernate) - but that didn't help.

Then I logged me in into my server by typing "mstsc.exe" in the "Run"-field so I can see the desktop, the explorer (and so on) of Windows Server 2003. I checked "C:\Programme\Illustrate\dBpowerup", but there is no file called "dbConfig.exe"!

Does anybody know how to solve the problem ?

Thanks for your answers,