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Thread: Adding Custom ID Tags to Asset

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    Adding Custom ID Tags to Asset

    These are instructions for the Windows version. For Linux/Mac/QNAP, see below.

    Asset has the ability to display custom ID Tags (non-standard), with a little configuring.

    For example your FLAC library contains a unique tag of 'MOOD', you can add this to asset by:

    Start >> Run >> Regedit:

    Browse to:


    Can copy the value in 'DefaultUserPath' to Start >> Run (to open that path in Windows File Explorer).

    Note on Windows Home server the path is:

    C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\R oaming\dBpoweramp\uMediaLibrary

    Open MediaDatabaseFieldsv5.txt and at the end add:


    If expecting multiple tags, such as multiple artists stored in a single tag then for mood you would enter:


    Next in Asset Configuration >> Advances Settings add 'Mood' to the browse tree (you will have to manually type the tag when adding a new container as it will not appear in the drop list).

    Asset Should be restarted, then rebuild the database (refresh all).
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