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Thread: Installing Asset UPnP on Apple MAC with Crossover MAC

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    Installing Asset UPnP on Apple MAC with Crossover MAC

    First install Crossover MAC (download and drag to your Applications folder).
    Start Crossover MAC by double clicking it (in the Applications folder).
    Crossover Menu >> Configure >> Install Software >> Install Unsupported Software >> Continue
    (after the bottle is created) visit dBpoweramp.com and click download for Asset (Windows XP / Vista), once in Downloads double click the Blue / Yellow Icon next to AssetUPnP.exe >> Open (on warning that is application from the internet).
    Install Asset UPnP.
    Close the Window 'Asset UPnP' (which shows the Asset Programs),
    Back to the Installer Window (might be part hidden) >> Finish to view help and run Asset Configuration, close the windows until 'Asset UPnP Configuration' shows. Change Asset to run as a 'Service'.
    Click Advanced Settings >> Edit
    Top Left click [Add Folder] (open My Computer >> /Users/[username] Y: >> Select Music >> Click Ok
    Click Ok to close Advanced Settings >> Click Ok to close Asset UPnP Configuration.
    Important that Crossover is now Restarted (click Cancel on Crossover Software Installer) >> Crossover Menu >> Crossover >> Quit Crossover.
    Restart Crossover (in Applications) and Asset is now up and running.
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