I'm trying to set up the CLI encoder to encode with Tom's lossless Audio Kompressor, which is IMO the best lossless format available. I suspect that there will eventually be a TAK plugin at Codec Central (crossing my fingers).

In the meanwhile, check out these numbers: TAK compresses as fast as Monkey's Audio, gets about the same compression levels as Monkey's on Normal, but amazingly, playback requires only one fourth of the processing power of Monkey's Audio on Normal. That's about the same as FLAC, but TAK compresses much better, and has many other modern features, like streaming, error tolerance, etc.

My own tests have shown comparable results. TAK on -p5m is sometimes slightly smaller than APE on normal, sometimes slightly larger, but decoding APEs uses four times as much processing power. That's a lot of needlessly wasted energy!

Anyway, I can't seem to find the right command line for takc.exe to get the CLI Encoder to encode TAK files. The sort of lines that work with Lame and Oggenc seem to only generate errors with takc.exe. So I need help!

Can someone who understands the CLI plugin better please post a working command line?