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Thread: Question about converting files on a network

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    Question Question about converting files on a network


    I just tried out dBpoweramp Music Converter and I happily find that it does exactly what I want (convert FLAC to V0 LAME, transfer tags, rename, move to appropriate folders, and transfer embedded album art). Very nice, thank you very much!

    My question is this:

    I have probably 10,000 files (FLAC) on a home server (Windows Home Server, which is akin to Windows Server 2003). I want to run dBpoweramp Music Converter on a client PC with setting the source as the files on my server and the output also back to my server.

    I am sure that the speed of this process may be slowed, but would anyone anticipate that doing this would affect the "quality" of the files in any way? Transfer speeds on my LAN ranges from 5 - 15 Mb/s btw (I have no explanation for the wide range... I think it has to do with the actual size/number of files I'm transferring and the fact that I use old CAT-5 cables on a Gigabit router)

    I could try to install the program on the server and just run it from there, but I really try to keep to a minimum the installation of anything on my server that I've spent countless hours setting up..


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    Re: Question about converting files on a network

    No, I wouldn't see doing it over the network affecting anything about the quality of the files. However, as you stated, it would be MUCH slower. Just make sure you map the folder to a drive letter on the client computer.

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