First of all: I'm coming over from EAC, tried dbpoweramp just for fun (honestly I didn't expect much) - and now I'm quite impressed. Downloaded the trial of R12.3 Reference to test it. But before buying, I have some questions which couldn't be answered using the search function.

First these which should be answered easily:
- spin-up/spin-down time: What are recommended values here? The purpose is only to let the drive rest a while between ripping tracks, isn't it?
- communication: SCSI pass through, windows internal, ASPI or ASPI [Nero]? Shouldn't use windows internal, that was the same with EAC, but what's the difference between SPT and ASPI, which one is "better"?

OK, and now the final question: In my CD collection I have many rare CDs (limited edition, etc.). Well, not really rare, but these couldn't be found in the AR database. And if the rip can't be compared against AR, then I can't be 100% sure if the rip is really accurate (even with 5 ultra secure passes), right? So, I have 2 PCs with 4 CD drives. What about ripping a CD let's say 3 times with different drives, waiting til these rips can be found in AR and then rip it finally with AR support? It's always the same CD then, but different hardware is used any time. Could I possibly "spoil" the AR database with this?
And btw: how long it will take that my rip result will be part of the AR database?
And another question: When I buy R12.3 Reference, can I use it on my 2 PCs, or is it strictly 1 PC per license?

Thanks in advace for answering these many questions!