I think dBpoweramp is the best CD ripper and conversion utility out there. The reference edition with the multi-CPU support is a great time saver when ripping large libraries of CD's. Thanks for the excellent program.

One question - Some CD's have the upper frequency range emphasized. CD players typically will recognize this and during the DA process de-emphasize so the response on playback is flat. The information on whether the track is emphasized is on the CD and transports detect this and act accordingly.

With audio moving more and more to computer based and to alternative encoding formats ( I use FLAC) this information is lost and these CD's sound shrill when played.

As far as I can see dBpoweramp does not recognize this nor have the option to perform de-emphasis when ripping and transcoding.

Is there a way around this?

Are there plans to include such capability in the program. This would be a big draw for the digital audiophile community.