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Thread: how to untag flacs ?

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    how to untag flacs ?

    Wanted to get rid of the tags from files I ripped due to compatability problems with other apps (ripped with dbpoweramp v12.3).

    But I can't find a way apart from converting them from flac to falc with ID DSP on declaring to delete all frames from the tag.

    But that's sort of stupid to re-encode them all.

    I tried the test convert but that won't work either.
    Isn't there a "do-nothing-convert" so that one could only use DSP effects on a convert ??? I know replaygain works like that ... one could use it on it's own.

    Help appreciated

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    Re: how to untag flacs ?

    If you have the PowerPack, use the "ID Tag Update" utility codec, which can be downloaded from Codec Central.

    What kind of compatability problems are you having with dMC-ripped FLACs? If it is regarding the Description/Comment issue, get the new FLAC codec in beta which allows you to adjust where the comment goes.

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    Re: how to untag flacs ?

    yep that's what I was lookin' for .... thanx for the quick hint

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