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Thread: Using AMG-Tag-informations

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    Using AMG-Tag-informations

    I've just updatet from v11 to v12, especcially for using the tag informations from AMG (composer, real year, ...).

    But I didin't find the option to use this informations - without doing a rescan of my CDs. But I don't like this option, because I already did the ripping for all of my CDs and did the first tagging via mp3tag, godfather, ...

    That means, I only want to add the missing tags - or perhaps renew the tags, without doing a rerip of all CDs.

    Thanks in advance for give me a hint.

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    Re: Using AMG-Tag-informations

    If you are wanting to use dMC to re-tag your songs with data from AMG, this is not supported. dMC only accesses AMG when you rip a CD.

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