Please feel free to post any questions you may have in the forums.
Posting a question in the forums allows many people to help resolve problems sooner rather than later

no one will bite in here

Spoons addition - The road to enlightenment can be a long and difficult trail, to make the journey easier be sure to post as much information as you can pertaining to your problem. Putting this simply - asking "Why does my conversion to Wma not work?" will not get you an answer.

totalXS's addition - In short, information such as Windows version, CD drive manufacturer, what else you were doing when a problem occured, what codecs you have etc. will help us greatly. That way we can solve your problem quickly without it dragging on for weeks.

MODatic's addition - Also, when asking for help with a problem or suggesting something, please try to make sure that the post makes sense - otherwise we'll end up spending the first few replies just trying to figure out what you are saying. Also, before asking any "how to do something" questions, please make sure that you have checked the help files that come with DMC and it's addons and the FAQ section, as there is a good chance they will help you with what you are trying to do.