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Thread: RA to mp3 conversion incomplete

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    RA to mp3 conversion incomplete

    with version 11.5 when doing RA to mp3 (or anything else), I get an incomplete conversion.
    Not all file are effected but only some (around 20% of total ). On the other hand, when a RA file products an incomplete MP3, every effort to modify the type of the output file or its convertion options is vain.
    The convertion is interrupted always at the same point.

    I uploded an example of this sort of file Here
    The correct lenght is 17:46 but mp3 is only the first 2:49

    What's the problem?


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    dBpoweramp Guru LtData's Avatar
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    May 2004

    Re: RA to mp3 conversion incomplete

    Can you listen to the file all the way through using Windows Media Player?

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    dBpoweramp Guru ChristinaS's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Montreal, Canada

    Re: RA to mp3 conversion incomplete

    No problem converting that file using the old, real time Real Media codec.

    It took about 19 minutes to convert the file.

    I didn't try using the DirectShow codec, as I no longer have Real Alternative and the DirectShow filters installed right now.

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