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Thread: dBpowerAMP Crashes with Multiple WAVs

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    dBpowerAMP Crashes with Multiple WAVs

    I'm stumped by this one. When I try to select about 300 WAV files, in order to mass-convert them to FLACs, dbpowerAMP crashes and folds up.

    I have been able to successfully select a handful of them, but I would rather be able to select a large group of them and not have to do them piecemeal.

    This is on a fast (3GHz) machine, under Windows XP Media Center, using an external USB drive. All other programs can access this drive just fine -- such as Tag & Rename, which can find and tweak these files with no problem.


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    Re: dBpowerAMP Crashes with Multiple WAVs

    Maybe some wav in there isn't a wav or has a different freequency from the others?

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    Re: dBpowerAMP Crashes with Multiple WAVs

    Try R12 (in beta, install the r12 flac encoder).

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