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Thread: Music Converter - Audio CD Input (won't work)

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    Question Music Converter - Audio CD Input (won't work)

    I tried to use the Audio CD Input to convert a couple of new store-bought CDs to MP3s.

    I can't use the "regular" Music Converter because the songs are encrypted so I was hoping to use the Audio CD Input instead.

    When I click on Rip, I get the following message: dBPower AMP Music Converter is not installed.

    It is installed and registered. (I registered dBPowerAmp in 2005.)

    Now what?

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    Moderator and Mover LtData's Avatar
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    Re: Music Converter - Audio CD Input (won't work)

    Try reinstalling dMC, making sure you install it while in an account with Administrator rights.

    Also, what OS are you using?

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    Re: Music Converter - Audio CD Input (won't work)

    If you are trying to use dAP's (dBpowerAMP Audio Player) Audio CD input to play the CD and record it, try using another player instead. I believe that you cannot play a file in dAP and record it on dMC Auxilary Input at the same time. I also don't believe that trying to convert the protected files as digital audio cda files will offer a significant advantage over trying to rip them directly using dMC.

    Have you tried the other tips for protected CDs in the sticky at the top of the section on DRM and Copy Protection here:
    http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?t=7418 ?

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Music Converter - Audio CD Input (won't work)

    Thanks, Bill and Lt. Data.

    Lt. Data - I will try to reinstall the program. I'm using XP Pro.

    Bill - I wasn't trying to record the music but rather just rip the CD and convert the songs from cda to mp3 to save them to my computer. I used to be able to do that with this program.

    I wound up using another program - a freebie - that doesn't require any license to work with mp3s. And it worked like a charm. But I'd love to have this one working again since I paid for the license. I'm glad it was only $14.

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    Da Man
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    Re: Music Converter - Audio CD Input (won't work)

    Try the new R12, it is in the beta section of this forum.

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