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Thread: Error Message

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    Exclamation Error Message

    Hi! I have downloaded your program, It seems to be by far the easiets of it type of program, but however, I keep getting an Error message that states "dBpowerAmp has performed an illegal operation and will shut down." When I open the program to my music files I want to convert, which are all basically midi files, that message aboves comes up. I notice when I use my C drive the message comes up, but when I transferred to my extra drive, it converted, but it made the midi that I changed to a WAV shorter. How can I fix this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!
    God Bless,

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    Apr 2002
    The Converter is not able to convert Midi files, if the program was working correctly on yours it would say this.

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    Unhappy Error message

    I didn't know it didn't convert midi files, that was my main reason for downloading it, but I will keep it for other things.It seems so simple to use and it is a good program. No error message came up telling me any different. Do you know a good freeware program that will convert midi files to Wavs, so I can burn them to a CD? Does your program convert M3u files? Because so far that is all I have been getting out of MP3.com so far when I right click to save song. Anything you tell me would be great.
    Kathy (formally an unregistered member)

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    unfortunatley there is no one good programme to convert midi files. and it's not as simple as right click and convert. you have to identify the instruments in the midi for all the filters to be used correctly and then it won't be 100% accurate.

    basically if you want all your midi files converted to put on cd, you have a lot of research and trial and error in front of you.

    The thing about mp3.com is you need to allow cookies from the site. then you will get a page where an email is required then you get taken back to where you were so you can download the music.

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