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sample rate

  • How to keep bit depth and sample rate when converting files

    Hi, i am trying to convert 24/96 FLAC from Vinyl rips to AAC, I am aware that AAC can do a max of 24 bit and 96khz and yes I know its compressed, this is just a way for me to listen to higher quality somewhat with my annoying mobile data issues (1-2mbps) when im in town even though it’s unlimited...
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  • franszappa
    started a topic dsf to flac - down or up?

    dsf to flac - down or up?

    When converting a DSD/DSF file to flac, DBpoweramp downsamples the flac file to - for example 24/192, whatever setting you have under the advanced options.
    My question is: does it do upsampling when the original DSD files has a lower frequency? In other words, does it upsample a hypothetically...
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  • andersvinberg
    started a topic Intelligent sample rate change

    Intelligent sample rate change

    I need to convert a lot of FLAC files of different rates and bit depths to WMA for a system that supports up to 48k/24 (Mercedes Burmester audio).
    I obviously want to leave my CD content as is.
    A few 44/24 files I want to leave as is.
    Higher resolution content I want to convert...
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  • Jim Knopf
    started a topic Increase FLAC Sample Rate/Size (192kHz/24bit)

    Increase FLAC Sample Rate/Size (192kHz/24bit)

    I just purchased dBpoweramp Ripper/Converter.
    All ripped FLAC-files have a Sample Rate 44,1kHz and Size 16bit.
    How can I set (change) the Sample Rate and Size?
    Thanks for your help.
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