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    Re: Ripping problem with Sony VGP-XL1B

    Mine worked on Windows 7 /64 and continues to work on Windows 10 /64
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    Re: Discussion of Automated CD Loaders ::: POWERFILE R200 BD

    My venerable Sony VGP-XL1B2 died last night, it appears the drive itself is kaput. Will not spin or read a disk that is loaded into it. I've enjoyed using it with Batch Ripper for four? Five...
  3. Re: Batch Ripper hangs at startup - How do I get BatchRipper to actually RUN?????

    OK I waited LONGER than 20 minutes. It finally woke up. Batch Ripper drive letter changed and this spooked the Batch Ripper.

    All is well now.
  4. Batch Ripper hangs at startup - How do I get BatchRipper to actually RUN?????

    I am using Windows 7 -64 bit. Have Illustrate's REFERENCE package. Batch ripper worked last time I used it, 3 weeks ago. Today I started Batch Ripper and the window opened - empty of anything...
  5. Re: Doesn't work with W7...even in XP compatible mode

    I spoke too soon :cry:

    CD Writer now shows the available CD Writers but I cannot add any tracks to the CD.

    I drag the files over from a Windows Explorer window and nothing happens when I drop...
  6. Re: Doesn't work with W7...even in XP compatible mode

    :blush: Never mind, I set compatibility to XP, then all was well.

    Windows 7 even had a "TROUBLESHOOT" option for me. It did some kind of "CHECKING FOR COMPATIBILITY" then gave me a "USE...
  7. Doesn't work on my Windows 7 PC either.

    Upgraded from Vista 64, it used to work.

    I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) , now CD Writer is not working. I get:

    <no CD writers found>

    Illustrate - WHAT DO I DO?????

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    Re: Why not auto-populate "End After?"

    Well, when I start Batch Ripper, and hit RUN I get a dialog that lets me find out how many CDs are loaded in the VGP-XL1. So, Batch Ripper gets that info passed to it somehow-

  9. Thread: Great Products!

    by milosz

    Great Products!

    I dig your products! Batch Converter is real nice, and CD writer works in a very straightforward, reliable and hard-to-screw-up way.

    I also use Batch Ripper with a Sony VGP-XL1 and that works...
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    Re: Batch CD Writer?

    I would LOVE a batch writer that would work with my Sony VGP-XL1!
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    Why not auto-populate "End After?"

    I have the sony vgp-xl1 media changer and it works great with Batch Ripper - I am using it on Vista/64.

    It would be great if Batch Ripper would populate the "end after n disks" field by asking...
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