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    Re: Not in AccurateRip

    I find it takes anywhere from a month to 2 months for new releases to get populated to accuraterip (takes longer it seems if not many people are ripping the CD).
    EDIT: And that's the beauty of...
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    Re: Still confused about offsets

    As a test rip to ALAC, then Play on phone? Still pops?
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    Re: Still confused about offsets

    Maybe I missed it, but what codec are you ripping the files to (FLAC, mp3, m4a, ALAC, WAV, or ???). And what player are you using. Many years ago I had a "pop" problem with m4a files on a squeezebox...
  4. Re: Apple Lossless bit rate confusion (question)

    yes. the same.
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    Re: Normalisation Gain

    Message means it is changing the TAG adjustment value. It is NOT changing the actual audio. I would NOT recommend disabling clip prevention. If you did, in certain (likely rare) cases, the RG tag...
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    Re: Accuraterip problems

    I see this relatively often. It's not an error. It's just that your pressing of the CD is not likely the one that's in AccurateRip.
  7. Re: Compilation Cd's show up as individual folders

    Yes, I often have to manually edit my metadata on multidisk compilations before or after ripping because of inconsistencies across the disks. The metadata databases certainly have a bit of...
  8. Re: Compilation Cd's show up as individual folders

    Even if it is something like: Various Artists

    Also, you shouldn't need to do this if you tick the "compilations" box on the CD Ripper page.

    EDIT: Actually, most likely you don't have the...
  9. Re: Album ReplayGain Single CD (Studio / Live Tracks)

    In that case, I'd personally add RG tags based on the entire CD (i.e., the normal process)
  10. Re: Album ReplayGain Single CD (Studio / Live Tracks)

    I'd do the entire CD. But you can do the live and studio separately if you want. There is no right answer. How will you listen to the files? Live by itself and studio by itself? Or all together?
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    Re: Conversion from shn

    I can't recall whether dbpa can convert shn. I think that foobar2000 can convert shn to FLAC.
  12. Re: Making one big Ripped Album out of multiple artist CD set that retains artist sea

    on any given track, I'd put the artist or artists for that track in the ARTIST field (using ";" separator (semicolon) if I have multiple artists for that track). Then for ALBUM ARTIST, I'd put the...
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    Re: Applying replaygain without transcoding

    not sure you can, as "applying" the replaygain values changes the audio itself. Perhaps I'm wrong, but can't see how that would work without reencoding the audio itself.
    p.s. there used to be a...
  14. Re: C drive fills when ripping to external hard drive

    by encoder he means, what files are you creating? mp3, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, m4a, etc.
  15. Re: Issue with the Tags on a downloaded FLAC file

    since they are downloads, I'd simply renumber the tracks from 1 to 10, then delete the Disc tags. Also check that album name is identical for all tracks.
  16. Re: Automatisch settings for bit depth and sample frequency?

    You're welcome. (I wouldn't get too bogged down into the HDCD issue....it's a real rabbit hole if you start digging too deep). And keep in mind that if you rip all your HDCDs as regular 16/44.1 FLAC...
  17. Re: Automatisch settings for bit depth and sample frequency?

    HDCDs are not actually 24 bit (I recall they are 20bit) and they are 44.1 (note HDCD are *not* hi-res files such as 24/96 or 24/192).. To get a bit perfect copy of these one rips them as a normal CD....
  18. Re: Automatisch settings for bit depth and sample frequency?

    That would be the default behavior of the CD ripper. If you are ripping a CD (which is going to be 16/44.1), the FLAC files created will be 16/44.1 unless you add a DSP at the ripping stage to change...
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    Re: mp3 volume problem after conversion

    It's a bad idea to convert a lossy file (like m4a or mp3) to another lossy format. It will potentially decrease the audio quality of the tracks. If you must do this, you should convert at a very...
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    Re: Clear Naming String drop down

    see this thread, starting at post *7

  21. Re: Does up-res'ing really improve the sound if the source is mp3 or AAC?

    As noted. NO. Upsampling doesn't do anything but make the file size larger. The actual audio is not changed.
  22. Re: Getting higher volume levels when applying RG

    not sure. I've never paid that much attention to this, I don't disable clip prevention and all my players can use replaygain tags.
  23. Re: Getting higher volume levels when applying RG

    I agree
  24. Re: Getting higher volume levels when applying RG

    When you add ReplayGain tags with the ReplayGain DSP, under advance settings you can change the LUFS value from the default of "-18" to something smaller (say, -12). This will reduce the volume less...
  25. Re: A little help converting FLAC files, please.

    No. If the FLAC files were ripped from a gapless source they should play gapless. And any m4a files created by converting should be gapless too. Do the FLAC files play gapless?
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