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  1. Re: AAC/M4A VBR Q1 producing larger files than Q2

    Well, in all fairness to the OP, I kinda doubt that most users (G-d I hate that word, we seem to only use “users” for drug addicts and people who use software lol) actually test things like he (she?)...
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    Re: VST plugin issues with R2022-11-25

    +1 on using StereoTool as the test VST3. It's a monster.

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    Re: SHN codec with rev 22-11-25 64 bit

    I get it, but good luck with the lack of security updates lol. XP probably has more holes for malware than any other OS at this point... Something to consider...
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    Re: trim silence at end cuts too much

    It almost looks like the 50ms window got cut at the start of the analysis instead of the end of analysis...
  5. Re: AAC/M4A VBR Q1 producing larger files than Q2

    What Spoon said - lossy compression involves a lot of maths and psychoacoustic analysis. If there IS a bug it's in the Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder itself, not in the dBpoweramp software since the...
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    Re: TuneFusion : Encode lossy files as FLAC?

    I suspect adding an option to encode lossy files to lossless is overall a bad idea for multiple reasons...
  7. Thread: xHE-AAC

    by Lynx_TWO

    Re: xHE-AAC

    Any update on this? I could see it being useful for Podcasts or Internet Radio for sure! It appears there have indeed been some fairly major (if subtle) quality improvements.

    The advanced MPEG-D...
  8. Thread: 43.2 kHz

    by Lynx_TWO

    Re: 43.2 kHz

    While there's nothing inherently wrong with 432Hz tuning, keep in mind that the very term Hz is based on a second of time, which is rather arbitrary itself as one second is based on 9,192,631,770...
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    Re: 32-bit integer FLAC conversion not working

    Ahhhh got you. Thanks for the explanation! :)
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    32-bit integer FLAC conversion not working

    FLAC supports 32-bit integer (not floating point though) however, when I try to convert a 32-bit integer WAV file to FLAC, I get an error message saying the bit depth is too high.

    Thank you for...
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    Read metadata file not working

    Hello! Fort some reason, the "Read Metadata file" addin isn't working on this XML file:

    XML file

    FLAC file...
  12. Re: Is there any way to make 2 channels 7.1 surround sounded?

    It is possible to get a completely compatible 7.1 to 2.0 downmix and 2.0 to 7.1 upmix with Penteo Pro VST3 software but it's $599 to buy. I do own it though so willing to process an album for you if...
  13. CD Ripper keeps opening new instances when using a faulty external drive

    Hey Spoon, hope you are well!

    This is an outlier case but figured it might be good to document in case you run out of things to do in your infinite spare time ;)

    I have an external Lenovo...
  14. Re: Unable to convert any files to AAC using the itunes/QAAC encoder

    Hey Spoon, I can confirm something else is going on - having the same issues with Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Version 20H2 Build 19042.630

    Off-topic, FDKAAC is set to maximum Channels being...
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    Re: How Do You Convert Flac to DSD

    I could be wrong, but I believe encoding from FLAC (or any codec based on PCM) to DSD is potentially a lossy conversion due to the way DSD works. It's the same way when converting from DSD to PCM. ...
  16. PerfectTUNES - show missing tracks from albums

    Not sure if this is possible but...

    I got bit by the Windows 10 2004 update on a mirrored Storage Space (yea it didn't only affect Parity Spaces. Thanks for that Microsoft!) So much for all my...
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    Re: Built in FLACCL support

    +1 on this - Tried out FLACCL and it is indeed impressive. In most batch situations I suspect the raw speed will overwhelm the hard drive, however, if we were able to have access to all the...
  18. Re: Ability to Trim and Add specific number of samples in dBpoweramp

    Haha Thanks, man! I do love getting into the maths sometimes :P
  19. [Feature Request] ability to use The Levelator or similar for podcast videos

    One problem I see a lot is content creators uploading videos on YouTube or similar with audio that fluctuates in volume and quality since many are using their iPhone or a laptop to record video...
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    Re: Flac file size after replay gain

    Spoon would know for sure, but generally you have a certain amount of data you can pad (reserve or add on to) at the beginning or end of a file when encoding, so if someone had, say, a 500kb tag...
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    Re: Pre-cache tracks what is this

    Hey Spoon, would there be a tangible speed increase if the Pre-Cache had an option to pre-cache to RAM, especially if the user has a lot of cores? I'm running with 192GB of EEC RAM so wondering if...
  22. Re: Ability to Trim and Add specific number of samples in dBpoweramp

    Now, I did figure out I can easily add the number of samples I need to the end of a WAVE file using the 'Insert Audio'. I have created a WAVE file at 32-bit, 88.2Khz, 4096 samples Attached.

  23. Re: Ability to Trim and Add specific number of samples in dBpoweramp

    Yes, unfortunately it's not granular enough. For example, here's a quick chart of samples converted to ms:

    Samples 44100 Hz 48000 Hz 88200 Hz 96000 Hz 176400 Hz 192000 Hz
    64 1.451247166...
  24. Ability to Trim and Add specific number of samples in dBpoweramp

    Some VST plugins tend to delay the input and output resulting in the effect that the original sample length is the same, but the processed waveform has been 'moved' by the same number of samples as...
  25. Re: Superhot Feature Request: Video Downloader Option added to converter like others

    You are probably looking at Ai-driven programs for that. There’s some projects going on right now that allow the user to transcribe a podcast to text, delete any swear words, and the software edits...
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