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    Re: Inaccurate CD Ripping

    Unfortunately the CD format is not nearly as perfect as it was once touted to be. Even a brand new disc could have manufacturing flaws, many have been known to have the flaw across an entire run of...
  2. Re: Is asset linux free version "free" or "free trial"

    Right beside the title where it says "Download" it says (30 day trial).
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    Re: unable to play mp3 files converted from dsf

    What bit depth (16/24) and sample rate (44.1/48/96/192/etc) are they? Perhaps the combination is not a playable format for these players?
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    Re: "to create each folder for each CD disk" 2

    Really what are asking for here is some form of counter function. The [discunique] doesn't necessarily work this way, rather it simply generates a unique number for each disc.
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    Re: "to create each folder for each CD disk"

    This will be a bigger challenge. Perhaps look into PerfectTunes or similar to get your tagging in order first. That will make the renaming far simpler and more accurate.
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    Re: Wav files metadata?

    Actually this isn't quite the case any longer with local library music on a Mac, or even with iTunes for Windows. The metadata is now stored in the file itself. If you have any legacy files there are...
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    Re: Multiple Artists

    If the artists are not truly separated into two separate fields, then iTunes should display it as "Artist 1; Artist 2". But iTunes cannot show multiple fields, so if these have actually been split,...
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    Re: Metadata Editor for Mac

    Note that the Mac version is not free, but still worth the investment long term.
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    Re: Multiple artist in one album

    Have you filled in the AlbumArtist tag? This should group each album completely that dingle Artist, while the standard Artist field can have all of the featuring and other artist names separately.
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    Re: Converted file uneditable

    Can you change the file name in explorer? If not, perhaps the file in in use, or locked, by some other program. Not being able to edit tags and not able to edit the filename are two separate things.
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    Re: Art work not showing (I think)

    There are scripts available that can help take your iTunes artwork and embed it into the file. A Google search for Doug's Applescripts is a good place to start.
  12. Thread: Disc numbering

    by GBrown

    Re: Disc numbering

    What file format are you using? Some only accept integer values for disc and track, and have the additional fields of TOTALDISCS and TOTALTRACKS instead.
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    Re: Issues with ripping 12 CD Box set

    From the Discogs link provided, they have established that the "Album Artist" is in fact "Zubin Mehta & the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra". I would include this, as well as all of the individual...
  14. Thread: cdrom problem

    by GBrown

    Re: cdrom problem

  15. Re: How to fix an old mistake (lots of old inaccurate rips)

    I don't know how to fix this after the fact. But it sounds like the pre-gap spacing between tracks has been trimmed. Whatever software was used for the initial rips, maybe there is a setting there to...
  16. Re: setting the Output Directories in version 7.7

    No misunderstanding your original post concerns from my side, I was simply providing you with how to accomplish what you have been looking for with the current version. For what was the Single Folder...
  17. Re: setting the Output Directories in version 7.7

    In your screenshot, you have selected Multi Encoder in the "Rip to" setting selection box. This will give you the prompt you are seeing. This is the default for multi as you will need to ensure the...
  18. Re: setting the Output Directories in version 7.7

    dbPoweramp is currently at release R17.7. Are you comparing to R6.6 from over a decade ago, or R16.6? Either way I am not sure what you are looking at with the Single Folder option in CD Ripper.
  19. Re: setting the Output Directories in version 7.7

    I think you are looking at the options for the Music Converter version here. You cannot preserve the source path (or folder) for an audio CD when ripping.
  20. Re: add long path support in windows 10 and + to dbpoweramp apps

    This will very likely cause significant file name issues if you move or copy outside of this environment. Just a note in case you are note eoleLy work8ng from this computer.
  21. Re: Converting music from iTunes to flac does not move Album Art

    I am on Windows and also have used iTunes in the past to purchase. I have no issues with album artwork transferring over, I use an Android-based iBasso DX160 DAP and artwork is fine for me too.
  22. Tag or Setting For Foobar Mobile to use Artist Sort Handling Similar to Asset

    Asset manages the sorting of the artists to my uPnP devices as expected. However when I look at the files I have moved to my Android and IOS devices using the Foobar mobile app, they only appear in...
  23. Re: How can I integrate PerfectTUNES album art results with foobar2000?

    Check your Foobar settings
    Preferences > Advanced > Display > Album art > Embedded vs external

    Plus you may have hidden windows image files that are in those folders that need to be deleted....
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    Re: Anyway to improve MP3 sound on my PC ?

    You could add a new sound card, something using better DACs and output devices could help a bit for anything connected directly to the PC. Mine has an Asus Xonar as well, it sounds pretty good when I...
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    Re: Anyway to improve MP3 sound on my PC ?

    If this is a laptop, you could use an external USB DAC or headphone amplifier and drive that direct. Or if it is a tower you could install a better sound card. What are you using to listen to audio...
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