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    Re: Still confused about offsets

    Off hand I can think of three causes of pops or clicks at the beginning (or end) of your music tracks. All of them involve the player not the actual rip. Two of them result in what are sometimes...
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    Sticky: Re: TuneFUSION R1.3

    I've tried to get this working again syncing to my Samsung Android via Foobar. Somewhere there is a long thread with my previous attempts but I can't find it, so I have started a new one. I'm...
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    Re: Converting issue

    Hello and welcome to the wonderful world that Microsoft has created, making things so simple that they become complicated.

    One thing that may help you out is to turn the "extensions" for files...
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    Re: Problems with new CD Drive

    You don't even need an enclosure, the "internal" drives are already "enclosed" in a metal case. Buy the internal drive(s) of your choice and a USB to SATA adapter and drive power supply, and you are...
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    Re: Pop noises at start of SOME tracks

    The fade in by the player is when you press "play" no matter what track is selected. And this refers to stand-alone CD players. I've never really investigated what your computer does, I suspect it...
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    Re: Pop noises at start of SOME tracks

    Almost all CD players fade in over anywhere from a tenth of a second to a third of a second when you push "play" (but not between tracks when playing through). Many good mastering engineers usually...
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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows] Discussion

    Since I just spent too much time on a bunch of metadata "correcting" the entries, a suggestion for a new feature in 17:

    An option to replace all the commas or commas followed by spaces with...
  8. Re: for Classical music lovers: how did you classified?

    You seriously should be looking on what combination of tags will work best with your player(s) and make what ever searches you might do most productive. Don't compromise your tags just to save a...
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    Re: Which software do I need to change tags?

    The paid dBpoweramp, at least on the PC has the ability to change or add tags to existing audio files. Select the file (or all the files from an album) and right click. Dropdown should offer the...
  10. Re: for Classical music lovers: how did you classified?

    Unfortunately the databases (accessed but not run by dBpoweramp) are particularly inaccurate and non-standardized for classical music. Also, different users have different preferences for classical...
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    Re: Encoding lossy as mp3 fails

    Did you get the second log set I emailed you on August 5th? I'm not sure my email is getting through.
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    Re: Volume Normaize Settings Clarification

    I hope you read the help file, a clip of which is here:

    Volume Normalize

    There are 6 different ways of adjusting the volume of an audio track. Note volume normalize is actually applied to...
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    Re: How do I suppress repetitions?

    Hello my friend, First, for us to help you, try not starting a new thread with every question. My current list of new posts has three different threads you started, two are on the same subject and...
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    Re: Naim App doesn't find Asset on network

    You might consider rebooting your switch and/or router. Sometimes these problems are caused by network problems, not application issues.
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    Re: Sync problems using foobar mobile

    Hi I downloaded the update, and ran it this evening to sync my master files (two large directories, one almost all FLAC and one all old m4a files) to my directory prepared for later sync with phone. ...
  16. Re: Can't configure Accuraterip with SATA adaptor

    I've had no problem with one made by Kingwin, and ones made by Sabrent. Not sure the Sabrent ones are now being made. The Kingwin has conversion for both IDE and SATA. (not that I was looking for...
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    Sticky: Re: CD Drive Accuracy 2019

    My experience has been that most external drives are not very good. Besides accuracy problems, most are slow. When ripping to my laptop, I use an "internal" drive with an external SATA power supply...
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    Re: Sync problems using foobar mobile

    Hi Peter,

    I've been going to write a post on my issues with the Foobar option of TuneFusion (attempted shortly after the last update), but have been otherwise occupied and went back to pulling the...
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    Re: Weird problem with "once around" dropouts

    OK you can ignore this one! I discovered that most any track I played had the same stuttering issue, including stuff that wasn't on a CD ever. Thinking that it might have had something to do with...
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    Weird problem with "once around" dropouts

    So I just ripped an old CD, and one of the tracks had a couple hundred "rerips" at the beginning. I listened to the FLAC file which I had generated, using Foobar, and sure enough, there were brief...
  21. Re: Classical Music Files = naming convention you follow

    Actually, unless your player depends on filenames instead of tags (unusual, except for some cases when you use a USB stick in a car) it isn't the filename (set by the naming string) that is...
  22. Re: Classical Music Files = naming convention you follow

    Hi, yes tagging and playing properly tagged classical music is a mess! Experiment in what works for your player(s) and your taste. I use a variation of Oggy's system. My title for the above...
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    Re: How to re-rip one (damaged) track?

    I'd suggest first cleaning the CD carefully and reripping the one track in secure mode, to see if it will then rip securely. If it still fails, then rip that one track in "burst" mode and listen to...
  24. Re: TuneFUSION Windows sync to FoorBar2000 Android

    1.1.39 behaves the same as 38. Ran it several times in succession. I'll send the logs attached to email(s) Ignore the V and a number appended to the file name, that was to keep them from getting...
  25. Re: TuneFUSION Windows sync to FoorBar2000 Android

    1.1.38 still fails. Runs for a while, with some errors, and finally fails.

    I tried to post the detailed log but the forum says it has too many characters. I can send it to you by Dropbox or...
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