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    Re: Lossless rip at low bit rate?

    Are the lower bitrate tracks by any chance mono?
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    Re: De-Dup no longer plays music files

    Found the issue - I had renamed the music folder where I keep my files. Perfect tunes still had the old folder name, but displayed all the "duplicates".

    Could you put in a check for invalid path...
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    Re: De-Dup no longer plays music files

    I did as above, uninstalled, reboot, reinstalled - it still doesn't work.
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    De-Dup no longer plays music files

    Using latest version (3.2), De-Dup will no longer play music files. When I click PLAY on an entry in the list, the window pops up with the duplicated files. The play button briefly changes to the...
  5. Re: Playlist creation software available from your company?

    There is a Java app called ListFix, which basically will allow you to fix your playlists when your music library is moved/relocated. This saved me a great deal of pain when I decided to reorganize...
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    Re: Recommendations for a digital audio player

    Re-opening an older thread, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Sony NW-WM1A.

    I do own the NW-A45, and I love it, and now use that as my "bedtime" player.

    The NW-WM1A isn't cheap, but it has...
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    Drop-Dwon lists in Tag Editor

    Please fix the drop-down lists behavior in the tags editor. The drop downs for Album, Artist, Album Artist and Composer are persistent - meaning the list stays open until an item is selected in the...
  8. Drag / Drop artwork in tag editor (Shell Integrator)

    It would be great if we had the ability to drag and drop the album art in the integrated shell editing while using right-click/edit tags or right click/properties/ID Tag.

    Also, please fix the...
  9. Re: Does Inaccurate Necessarily Mean a Ripping Error?

    I have re-ripped my entire CD collection (About 6500 Discs) to FLAC recently. A number of tracks have come up as inaccurate. I played the files all the way through using headphones and 99% of the...
  10. Re: Custom Art File and Custom Tag only works sometimes.

    No, these were new discs, a bunch of Box sets I just purchased.
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    Re: Composer/Songwriter

    I think it all boils down to people getting lazy. I see a lot of crap out there now. I never really cared about the composer tag, but lately I am seeing many of the composers are being duplicated...
  12. Re: Custom Art File and Custom Tag only works sometimes.

    Hi. This Issue has cropped up again. I have been ripping all day without issue. I am now ripping a 10 CD Time-Life set, And Discs 1 through 8 have my custom tags. I noticed Disc 9 does not have...
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    Re: HDCD DSP Not Working in Windows 10

    I had this issue as well. I was using Normalize and HDCD Effects, and I would get the confirmation that HDCD tracks were detected, but the files were still 16 bit. After I removed the Normalize DsP...
  14. Re: Custom Art File and Custom Tag only works sometimes.

    Hi Again. I tested a few different scenarios Ripped, restarted, shut the pc and re-ran the software, changed some of the CD data, but through all that, the dozen or so CD's I ripped correctly named...
  15. Re: Custom Art File and Custom Tag only works sometimes.

    Hi, Spoon. No, they do not revert. I used it last night. Just now I opened the program ad checked the settings, and it is still there. I will test this after I eat my dinner.


  16. Custom Art File and Custom Tag only works sometimes.

    In CD Ripper options I have set a custom file for album art (AlbumArt.jpg) and added a custom Tag "Ripped By:" with my name as the value.

    Sometimes these work correctly, where the album art file...
  17. Re: Add a new tag for release date in WAV-files and is the comment field removed

    I have written on the Microsoft forums, begging them to update tagging options/display in a future update.
  18. Re: CD Ripper Request - "Various Artists" in Album Artist Field

    You could make it an option.
  19. CD Ripper has trouble with CD's That Adobe Audition Does Not

    I have certain CD's that CD Ripper has trouble with. This is usually happening around the middle of the disc. The first several tracks will rip fine on the first pass, then it will need to go...
  20. CD Ripper Request - "Various Artists" in Album Artist Field

    Is it possible in the next version to automatically fill in the Album Artist field with Various Artists when the compilation box is checked?

    When I rip a compilation, it does get saved under the...
  21. Please Delete - wrong forum

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    Re: New User - 2 Questions

    Silly me, after posting this, I see there is a setting in CD Ripper Options to handle "The". I have been using this for several hour now, and I didn't see that option. As Emily Latella used to say,...
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    New User - 2 Questions

    I was so impressed with dBpoweramp that I purchased it a few minutes after trying it out. I've been happily re-ripping my entire cd collection and have 2 questions:

    1) Is there any way to fix the...
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