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    Re: Adding Metadata to GD3, Music Brainz etc

    In July 2020 I asked about uploading data for new CD's and you said that the next release would allow upload to musicbrainz, but I see that didn't happen...
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    Re: “New & Improved” AccurateRip?

    It would not make sense to store accurate rip checksums per individual tracks because the same track (song) could be on 100 different CD's, and there could be 100 very minute differences on that one...
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    Pause button on Music converter

    I just noticed that when converting files, if you click the Pause button, the conversion pauses, but the beutton still reads "Pause". Can you fix it so that when pause is activated the button text...
  4. Music Converter: Turn off Computer when finished

    What is the point of the setting to turn off computer after conversion?

    Last night I converted about 1,500 flac files to highest quality MP3 files using the right click menu in windows explorer....
  5. Re: RIP CD in WAV format using up sample rate option

    There is absolutely no benefit.
  6. Re: With Removal of FreeDB, I'm seeing issues with newer released CD's

    That's excellent news! Thank you.
  7. With Removal of FreeDB, I'm seeing issues with newer released CD's

    I bought a bunch of recently released ERIC records oldies CD's and all but one were not recognized for metadata automatically. On most, when I did a manual search via the dialog box, I did get a...
  8. Re: PureRead drive - Recommended Ripper Options most accurate rip

    I always use burst speed on an internal LG Blu-Ray drive. On the occasional inaccurate track, I have tried to rip only the affected track with Secure mode, and it takes FOREVER. I usually just give...
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    Re: Cant add artwork to downloaded album

    MP3 Tag allows you to save art in wav files, as it writes the extra chunk needed. I never had problems with this.
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    Re: Copyright Symbol in Tag Editor.

    Thanks for the clarification.
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    Re: Copyright Symbol in Tag Editor.

    But tag editor recognizes the tag as it is there when I open the file, so why the extra character?
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    Copyright Symbol in Tag Editor.

    I have been doing a lot of Vinyl ripping lately. I record the albums to 24 bit / 96khz WAV files as my digital recorder is capable of this. I then edit the files Adobe Audition, as well as Tagging...
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    Re: Swapping metadata between machines

    That is what I do. I have an internal blu-ray burner on my PC, and a USB DVD writer, and another USB Blu-Ray burner in case the internal drive fails on one or more tracks. Usually, between the 3...
  14. Re: 1 Disc, 3 different CD Drives - All tracks inaccurate with same results

    Thanks. I figured that. All tracks play fine.
  15. 1 Disc, 3 different CD Drives - All tracks inaccurate with same results

    I have an internal Blu-Ray drive on my PC, and have a USB DVD writer and another USB Blu-Ray writer as sometimes one drive works better than the others for particular CD's.

    I ripped a cd using the...
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    R17 & FLAC 1.3.3 beta

    I know you are aware of the error in the FLAC decoder naming. I've found the FLAC.txt file and after changing the file permissions, was able to save the edited file removing the "beta" notation. Now...
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    Re: Lossless rip at low bit rate?

    Are the lower bitrate tracks by any chance mono?
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    Re: De-Dup no longer plays music files

    Found the issue - I had renamed the music folder where I keep my files. Perfect tunes still had the old folder name, but displayed all the "duplicates".

    Could you put in a check for invalid path...
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    Re: De-Dup no longer plays music files

    I did as above, uninstalled, reboot, reinstalled - it still doesn't work.
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    De-Dup no longer plays music files

    Using latest version (3.2), De-Dup will no longer play music files. When I click PLAY on an entry in the list, the window pops up with the duplicated files. The play button briefly changes to the...
  21. Re: Playlist creation software available from your company?

    There is a Java app called ListFix, which basically will allow you to fix your playlists when your music library is moved/relocated. This saved me a great deal of pain when I decided to reorganize...
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    Re: Recommendations for a digital audio player

    Re-opening an older thread, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Sony NW-WM1A.

    I do own the NW-A45, and I love it, and now use that as my "bedtime" player.

    The NW-WM1A isn't cheap, but it has...
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    Drop-Dwon lists in Tag Editor

    Please fix the drop-down lists behavior in the tags editor. The drop downs for Album, Artist, Album Artist and Composer are persistent - meaning the list stays open until an item is selected in the...
  24. Drag / Drop artwork in tag editor (Shell Integrator)

    It would be great if we had the ability to drag and drop the album art in the integrated shell editing while using right-click/edit tags or right click/properties/ID Tag.

    Also, please fix the...
  25. Re: Does Inaccurate Necessarily Mean a Ripping Error?

    I have re-ripped my entire CD collection (About 6500 Discs) to FLAC recently. A number of tracks have come up as inaccurate. I played the files all the way through using headphones and 99% of the...
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