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Asset UPnP User Rename List feature

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  • PeterP
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    Asset UPnP User Rename List feature

    The rename feature allows a displayed text elements to be renamed (such as changing 'Album Artist' in the first menu), or more powerfully when scanning the music tracks to process the ID Tags, such as add the year to the end of an album name. This feature can be found in:

    (Linux & Mac): Advanced tab, User Rename List (Display / Tag Mapping) - Edit ...
    (Windows): Advanced Settings window, General Settings box, User Rename List (Display / Tag Mapping) - [Edit Rename List]

    Note: All matching is non-case-sensitive. "Value" and "value" are treated as identical.

    [size=3]Display remapping[/size]

    Change labels of fixed browse tree elements:
    Causes container named "text1" to be shown as "text2".


    display:=Some Artist:=Renamed Artist

    or to rename the Artist / Album menu item:

    display:=Artist / Album:=Renamed Artist Text

    [size=3]Tag remapping[/size]

    Manipulate values of tag fields read from your music files.


    Changes all instances where fieldname equals value1 to value2



    Remaps genre of "Pop/Rock" to "Pop".

    [size=4]=== New features, May 2023 ===[/size]


    Advanced manipulation of tag fields read from your music files.

    preformat:=field:=%otherfield% %otherfield%

    Formats field from other fields.

    This is done on media indexing level, formatted value of field will be shown in all places.


    preformat:=album:=[year] [album]

    Prefixes all Album tags with year.


    Substitutes Artist with Composer for all classical albums.

    [size=3]File names[/size]

    Show tags instead of file names when browsing by folders.

    Based on preformat syntax, see above.

    preformat:=filename:=[artist] - [title]

    Causes artist - title to be shown instead of file name when browsing by folders.
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