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PerfectTUNES Album Art

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  • jeffaltman
    • Sep 2020
    • 4

    PerfectTUNES Album Art

    For some reason iTunes purchases don’t seem to embed Album Art in the m4a files anymore now that I am using Apple Music. The Album Art shows up fine in the Apple Music app but it isn’t embedded in the files. I have been using PerfectTUNES Album Art to try to embed the missing album art in the m4a files. However, I noticed that sometimes it incorrectly combines albums into one group. I have an album named “Uptown Jump” and another named “Uptown Jump (Bonus Tracks)”. They are both from the same artist and both purchased on iTunes. However, PerfectTUNES Album Art combines them together. The album art is slightly different for each album though. Is there a way to separate them or is this a bug?
  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44022

    Re: PerfectTUNES Album Art

    If you rename the album to Uptown Jump 'Bonus Tracks' it would appear seperate.