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dbPowerAmp Music Converter and the Windows High-Contrast-Mode

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  • Martin0815
    • Jan 2005
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    dbPowerAmp Music Converter and the Windows High-Contrast-Mode


    Years ago due to eye disabilities I needed to switch continuously to the high-contrast-mode (black background, yellow or white font, etc.).
    In that time I already wrote messages in this forum, asking for corrections in the UI to support those users working with a high-contrast-mode switched on.

    Now I updated after years to the most current version and still stumble over nearly the same issues. Why?

    Sincerely - I don't know why - I can't insert or attach images - there are no error messages &*8230; it simply does not seem to work.
    Even using URLs vom Imgur does not work.

    Choosing the old attachments I used many years ago, would not help, since there are (subtle) changes, but not for the good.

    So here two Imgur-URLs to two screenshots of the most current version on Windows 10:
    - https://imgur.com/GPugvza
    - https://imgur.com/jHBe3dx

    So I really would appreciate, if you, the developer, just switches on High-Contrast-Mode and take look at the UI.
    Yellow text on light background, tree checkboxes, not really showing the half or full selected state.
    Many little things, that are based on the Windows default colors, while other parts are "owner drawn" based on chosen colors, not respecting the accessibility helper High-Contrast-Mode.

    Please try out and make your software, years later better and more barrierfree!

    Thanks in advance!

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