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Mac Error Cannont Create Wave Decoder

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  • SyberKnight
    • Aug 2020
    • 6

    Mac Error Cannont Create Wave Decoder

    i'm trying to digitize some old cassette tapes. i bought a RipTunes boombox that will convert a tape to a USB thumb drive. it says the files would be in MP3 format, but it actually comes out as WAV files.

    using my MacBook Pro (2021 Apple M1 Max; macOS 13.2.1), i need to import these "wav" files into GarageBand so i can separate out the songs into individual files.

    problem is, GarageBand (nor even QuickTime Player) won't open them. it just says "file doesn't exist" - yet it does; i can open them in the VLC player app and play them just fine.

    so, i thought perhaps i need to convert them first. so in trying to do that with DBPowerAmp, i get this error message...

    Error converting to Apple AAC...
    Error Cannont Create Wave Decoder (Unknown ACM ID: 17)

    ...do you have any idea what this means & how i can remedy it?

    for reference, i did open the WAV file up in a "MediaInfo" app, and it says these files have this info...

    Format: Wave
    Overall bit rate mode: Constant
    Overall bit rate: 176 kb/s
    Format: ADPCM
    Codec ID: 11
    Codec ID/Hint: Intel
    Bit rate mode: Constant
    Bit rate: 176.4 kb/s
    Channel(s): 1 channel
    Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz
    Bit depth: 4 bits

    ...hopefully that may make sense to you :-)

    thanks so much!
  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44085

    Re: Mac Error Cannont Create Wave Decoder

    >Codec ID/Hint: Intel

    They are not standard wave files, they are compressed with a Intel codec. You will struggle to find anything which can decode that, only the software which came with the boombox.


    • SyberKnight
      • Aug 2020
      • 6

      Re: Mac Error Cannont Create Wave Decoder

      thanks for the reply.

      so, the boombox did/does not come with any software. it's pretty misleading to say the files are mp3's but instead these "wav" files.

      anyway, i had a thought... since VLC could "play" the file, i thought i'd see if i could convert it too. i'm unfamiliar with all the features of VLC; just have it around for those/these odd files that QT can't play.

      i discovered if i use the "Convert & Stream" option, it can convert it into something GB can use.

      i chose these options:
      Encapsulation: MP4/MOV
      Video Codec: 'none'
      Audio Codec: MPEG 4 Audio (AAC)
      Bitrate: 320
      Channels: 2
      Samplerate: 44100

      i tried to match the settings i used in DBPoweramp for my CD's, yet the resulting file extension becomes ".m4v".

      just thought i'd report back what i found. since i had such great success with DBPA, i had hoped it would be useful with this too. oh well - i STILL love DBPA ;-)

      thanks for your time.