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Write ID tags; HDCD checked

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  • mville
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    • Dec 2008
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    Re: Write ID tags; HDCD checked

    Originally posted by Porcus
    A lot of CDs are "HDCD" but with no features employed. Could it be that those are not tagged?
    If I remember correctly, with CDRipper >> Meta Data & ID Tag >> Write ID Tags >> HDCD (ticked), CDRipper writes this tag with a value Yes, on a track by track basis, if the track has the HDCD flag, that is all.

    Originally posted by Porcus
    Can dBpoweramp now scan and tag without decoding? IMHO one should not decode HDCDs when ripping to lossless (https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...l=1*post119732)
    and especially not on a tracks basis - it seems to me (though I could be wrong) that then the HDCD decoding is reset at track boundaries and does not start until a bit into the track: https://www.hydrogenaud.io/forums/in...dpost&p=905120
    The HDCD tag in question is informational only and separate from the HDCD DSP. This thread is regarding the HDCD tag and not the HDCD DSP. Personally, I write the HDCD tag but do not use the HDCD DSP when ripping to flac.