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Playlists and file paths in Jriver

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  • malcolmbarr
    • Nov 2023
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    Playlists and file paths in Jriver

    I am trialing AssetPnP running on a QNAP NAS. I want to be able to manage and play my library of mainly FLAC files using a windows application (JRiver is my app of choice), while also using apps on Ipads and similar to be able to play that library to various networked media renderers around my home. Playlists I have curated are part of that library (stored in M3U format).

    The good news is that I have Asset PnP serving the files and recognising my playlists, which I can use with apps like MconnectHD on an Ipad. The tricky part is proving to be getting management of the library and playlists from Jriver set up.

    Problem 1 is a Jriver issue, I believe. When I load the AssetPnP served library to Jriver, the individual files are all shown but Jriver does not give me any access to the playlists. I have asked about on the Jriver forum here https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/ind...,137467.0.html

    Problem 2 is that I am unable to create new playlists from Jriver for use with AssetPnP with the AssetPnP library loaded, partly because Jriver does not report the file paths of music served by AssetPnP in a way I can use. The file paths are shown in a form like this

    If I create a playlist in Jriver and export it to my AssetPNP playlist directory (with / replaced with \), the resulting M3u files are recognised by AssetPnP on rescan but are empty.

    Is their a way I can tell AssetPnP can reveal the file paths/names to Jriver in a way which is more helpful?

    Or is there a different app/approach I should be used for playlist creation and management?

    Thanks in advance for your help!