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Sorting the album listing by a custom tag

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  • vilsen
    dBpoweramp Enthusiast
    • Jul 2018
    • 156

    Sorting the album listing by a custom tag

    When listing albums there's currently "Album by Release" and "Album by Artist". I'd like to sort by custom tags too, e.g. ALBUM SCORE and ACQUISITION DATE. Listing (an artist's) albums from best to worst would be very nice.

    Maybe there could be a dynamic "Album by..." element in the tree setup where you could input any tag.

    Or maybe there could be a static "Album by defined tag" which you then could define in the settings.

    Or maybe a fixed tag e.g. "Album by List Order". You'd use LIST ORDER as is or you could preformat your custom tag to LIST ORDER in the rename list.

    How about it?