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Thread: APE and mono files

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    APE and mono files

    When I encode a mono file to APE and then decode it using DMC, I get a stereo file.

    I use DMC a lot because I record original music on my PC and collaborate with other folks over the internet. (Interested? See www.artistcollaboration.com.) Most of us use DMC because it's such a great tool! We heartily recommend it to all the newbies.

    APE is a great format to use when archiving songs (which often contain dozens of .wav files), and DMC is the easiest converter to use. Unfortunately, when files that were originally mono uncompress to stereo, it adds a tedious step for each file (and we have to remember which were which).

    It would be great if DMC could somehow render mono files to mono. I wouldn't mind one bit if this was an option and caused uncompression to take a lot longer -- it would still be far faster than doing it manually.

    If DMC can't tell whether a file is mono or stereo until after uncompressing, it would be fine for it to take a second pass and compare sides, and then convert to mono if and only if both sides are equal.

    Any chance? This is a feature I'd be happy to pay a small fee for!



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    It will convert it to what ever you want, so if you are converting it to wave, on the Wave options page - click 'Change' and select something like PCM 44.1KHz 16 bit Mono

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