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Thread: wma codec installation

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    wma codec installation

    Trying to instrall dbpoweramp wma codec, i get those two messages:
    1) Appl or DLL c:\windows\system32\msdmo.dll it's not a valid image of windows - verify with installation disk;
    2) Error registering the ocx c:\windows\system32\wmadmoe.dll.
    the result it's that i cannot convert wma to mp3.
    Up to now i have had winME and everything was fine, I've this problem since i'm passed to win2000 prof.
    I've already disintalled everything and tryed to reinstall but nothing.
    Installation of dbpoweramp converter works fine.
    Who can help me?
    Thanks in advance. Hobbitgio

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    Apr 2002
    Not sure, these are Microsofts files, their part of WMA - try deleting those two files then re-install by re-downloading.

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    It's working fine now.
    Thank's a lot for your kind help.
    Cheers. Hobbitgio

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