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Thread: "good" rip test & log

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    "good" rip test & log

    This includes a question first. If a cd is not in the AR database, does doing a second extraction (no write) and comparing CRCs for each track indicate an accurate extraction if the CRCs match?

    Assuming this works (I've been doing it manually, and out of possibly 40-50 cds have only had one track not to match, which cleaning the disc corrected), could there be an option to follow a successful Rip to <anything except 'no write'> with a Rip to No Write, automatically compare, and write a text log showing the CRCs and pointing out any errors/non-matching CRCs?



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    Re: "good" rip test & log

    Try Ripping to "Test Convert (no write)" if you just want to compare the rips.
    And a second extraction may or may not indicate an accurate rip if the CD is not in the database.

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