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Thread: MP3 be gone

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    Thumbs up MP3 be gone

    I'd like to say thank you to the team for making this software available.

    It's a pleasure to use in all respects, and I admire you included ogg and flac support and made it so easy to use.

    I'd like to register 'something' (buy) to add to the success but loathe to pay where the money goes to the MP3 sharks.

    Any way out of that except just regging CD-Writer (which would compete with existing OEM freeware)

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    Apr 2002

    Re: MP3 be gone

    whilst registering the "powerpack" will mean a small portion going to the mp3 coffers, it is really about all the extra features you get with the powerpack that Spoon spent time on doing rather than the "mp3 codec" aspect of it.

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