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Thread: Track Order (wma)

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    Track Order (wma)

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm looking for a CD Burning application and thought I would take a look at dCD Writer. I painstakingly put my Rush collection in order of date and track number. Moved each album into CD Writer, and burned my cd. Only to find that the tracks had been reordered, in alphabetical order.

    I would like to avoid putting a false track number in front of each track as that is even more time consuming, and besides it looks kinda dumb on my cd player.

    I used the trial version of CD Writer. I couldn't find a way to organize my music in folders/tracks. Does the registered version do this for me?


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    Re: Track Order (wma)

    The trial and registered versions both will do this, but dB CD Writer only allows you to do this automatically using folder/tag information. Assuming you are burning a disc of Rush files in WMA format, open dB CD Writer and BEFORE converting anything to your disc, select New for your disc, then specify your format (WMA) and disc size (probably 700 Mb). Then select your file structure for your disc. Default is [artist]-[track] which will arrange all of your tracks in a single folder arranged alphabetically by artist and track title. You will want to reset this to something like [artist]\[album]\[track *xx][artist]-[track]. Set this for your disc format. Now add your Rush tracks to your disc and they should be arranged in folders by artist (Rush) with subfolders for each album and within those subfolders tracks should be arranged in order by track number and (I hope!) your display will show the artist and track title. This may need a little fine tuning, since I cannot verify these settings at home.

    You can verify your file structure after you have added your files to your cd by cruising My Computer>Your drive here>Program Files> Illustrate> dBpowerAMP> TempCreateCD. This will confirm the folder and file structure for your disc. DO NOT try to edit files or folders within the TempCreateCD folder.

    Best wishes,
    Bill Mikkelsen
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    Re: Track Order (wma)

    This problem will happen whatever software is used to create the MP3/WMA CD. It is not just limited to dCW.


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