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Thread: cdgrab.exe

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    Re: cdgrab.exe

    When you uninstalled dMC, did you also remove all codecs and other associated stuff, like AccurateRip?

    Another problem was a directory being corrupted on the HDD. How do you figure this out? Right-click on every folder on your computer and go to properties. If you crash, that's the problem folder, or a subfolder inside of it. Go into that folder and try to narrow it down further if you can. TThis may not be the problem, though. Another idea is to run the System File Checker. Open up a command window (Start --> Run --> cmd) and type, without quotes, "sfc /scannow" and have your XP SP2 CD nearby. This will check to make sure all of your Window's files are what they are supposed to be.

    If you do not have an XP SP2 CD nearby, but do have an older version of XP on CD, you can update the CD with Service Pack 2 by doing what is known as slipstreaming. Instructions are at this website.
    Another problem may be memory errors. Do you have more than one stick of RAM in your computer?

    Edit: Wow, 2 pages on a thread only about one hour old. Guess you were lucky to catch Christina and I browsing the forum at the same time. I'll investigate further tomorrow.
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