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Thread: Ripping DVD with DivX & Lame 3.93

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    Question Ripping DVD with DivX & Lame 3.93

    Is it possible to Rip DVD or convert other Media to DivX using Lame 3.93 and not the standard windows PCM Encoder ?

    My videos have poor Quality and the filesize is too big

    thx ARcane ?

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    install the lame acm filter that came with lame 3.92, then you can update the lame_enc whenever you like and the filter will use it (chuck it in your system directory)
    then using virtualdub you can convert the audio to mp3.
    you'll have a hard time playing it on a slow machine!

    The only drama I've comeacross is that the lame acm thing makes cooleditpro2 crash as soon as it opens.

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    If you do use LAME and set it to VBR, I would suggest that you process audio and video as two separate tasks in Virtual Dub. Over a long duration I have seen audio/video sync get lost when processing both audio and video together.

    Also with DivX, I've had better success with version 5.0.0 than I have with version 5.0.2.

    If filesize is an issue, I've found that the frauhoffer IIS mpeg layer 3 codec produces a slightly smaller file than Lame. (when set to CBR).

    If you're interested, I did some tests comparing mpeg1, mpeg2, divx 5.0.0 and divx 5.0.2 a little while ago. You can see the results on the below link.

    My Encoder and Codec Test page

    In respect to speed, here's a quick test I did on a 900mhz celeron with 128mb of 66mhz sdram, when playing back different video formats. All have mp3 audio.

    CPU usage when viewing different Video formats
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