Do I understand correctly, you have downloaded an album full of tracks in .rax format. One particular track is 10 seconds long. The other tracks you are able to burn to cd to re-rip so you can transfer it to iTunes and your iPod. The burner software you use for this is from Real and it will not burn your 10 secind long track.

I am not sure if your burner software is able to burn your downloaded tracks as a single track. If you could do this, you could burn the album as a single track, rerip to wav and then split the tracks (say with mp3 splitter) and put them into iTunes.

Or assuming you can play your track you can record your 10 second track off of your soundcard using dMC Auxilary Input.

Also, you might try some of the other tips in this thread.

Good luck and best wishes,
Bill Mikkelsen