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Thread: Issue with Pioneer DB-RW BDR-UD04

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    Issue with Pioneer DB-RW BDR-UD04

    Hello forum!

    No matter what I do, I can't get any CD-s ripped accurately using dBpoweramp CD Ripper with this specific player. Scratchy sounds are every half second or so. I have 3 players in total, and other two rip fine using dBpoweramp.

    If I use Windows Media Player to rip with this same player, I get good quality rips, no scratchy sounds.

    Manufacturer: PIONEER
    CD Drive: BD-RW BDR-UD04
    Firmware: 1.14
    Serial: 20/06/15
    Maximum Speed: 1588 KB/sec (x9)
    Current Speed: 1588 KB/sec (x9)
    Spin-down After: Never
    Buffer Size: 3,91 MB
    Accurate Stream: Yes
    C2 Error Pointers: No
    Reads ISRC: Yes
    Reads UPC: Yes

    Weird fact: it detects buffer here, but when I try to detect buffer in the options -> cd ripper options -> secure settings ... it says, can't detect buffer.

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    Re: Issue with Pioneer DB-RW BDR-UD04

    There was a long discussion about this drive last year. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be compatible with dBpoweramp.

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    Re: Issue with Pioneer DB-RW BDR-UD04

    I have now read the thread.

    This is messed up - I just bought the license for dBpoweramp and I thought I can use it.

    The drive works with MakeMKV, I have tested it.

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    Re: Issue with Pioneer DB-RW BDR-UD04

    I can also confirm Exact Audio Copy works well with this drive.

    It's not a drive issue, its a dBpoweramp issue.

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    Re: Issue with Pioneer DB-RW BDR-UD04

    CD Ripper >> Green Options button >> CD Ripper Options

    Communication to 'Windows Internal'

    Restart CD Ripper

    Basically the drive is garbage, if you care about ripping, replace the drive it is the only one out of 5000 drives, and I suspect it is the version of the drive which has been patched to rip blu-rays.

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