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Thread: Licensing - disablement of old licenses

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    Question Licensing - disablement of old licenses

    Hi Spoon,

    Sorry if it's a silly question, but I couldn't find an FAQ.

    I have a dBpoweramp Reference Family Pack (5 PCs). We're getting to the point that our hardware has finally gone over the "digital hill".
    I'm planning a full hardware replacement soon on multiple devices. How do I manage disabling licenses on our old hardware, as there doesn't seem to be a way to do this on the GUI?

    Even if there was, what if internet access is not possible? A couple of devices have lost trust with our AD (couldn't recover, due to certificate issues), another is totally dead and won't boot, which means a full HDD wipe. We only have two "healthy" devices that are actively using the license.

    I'm worried that going ahead and installing dBpoweramp Reference on our new OS installs will cause us to exceed the license limit.
    Please can you advise.


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    Re: Licensing - disablement of old licenses

    We trust our users, so no need to disable old installs.

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    Re: Licensing - disablement of old licenses

    Brilliant, thank you for confirming.

    I'll begin rolling this out to our new hardware over the next few weeks.

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