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Thread: Variation of a DSP - Audio CD - Hidden Track Silence Removal

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    Variation of a DSP - Audio CD - Hidden Track Silence Removal

    Hi. I make use of this DSP for some very annoying CDs.

    Oasis - Heathen Chemistry have a ridiculous 30 minute gap between the last track and hidden track (called The Cage). First time I heard the CD, I forgot to turn off and then out of nowhere the blasting sound smacked the shit out of me. Another annoying one is The Verve - Urban Hymns, with a long silence as well in the last track (called Deep Freeze).

    Currently, we have this ability to remove the silence, but we end up with one file and two audio tracks.

    It would be interesting to make a variation of this DSP, such as, detecting the damn silence, delete it, and split the last track as separate.

    This way we would end up with, let's say, actual 11 audio track files instead of 10 with a last long track without the silence.

    So, here's my suggestion.


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    Re: Variation of a DSP - Audio CD - Hidden Track Silence Removal

    Removing sections of the audio causes problems downstream (with tagging programs and verification steps), changing track counts just exacerbates that, so I'm not surprised that it's not an option.

    Having said that it does annoy me too, so I use sox to split them (using Oasis - Heathen Chemistry as an example):
    sox 01.12.flac 01.12.%2n.flac trim 00:00:00.00 00:05:24.00 : newfile : trim 00:00:00.00 00:24:08.00 : newfile : trim 00:00:00.00

    Personally I then create a CUE sheet to piece everything back together so it still verifies, but that's probably not important for the vast majority of people.

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