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Thread: Extending my days of updates, plus cuesheets.

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    Extending my days of updates, plus cuesheets.


    I have two questions.

    1) I still have 353 days of updates from my last purchase. I have a question that is, if I want to extend 2 more years on top of these existing 353, what can I do so that the software will redeem 2 more years of updates without having me touching the software?

    2) About cue sheets. I've gone through some threads on the forum and read a lot of arguments and 'fights' over the cue sheet (non-compliant) implementation. As far as I understand, the creation of such cue sheet (non-compliant, tracks), when one rips tracks as separate files, is to have an exact disc layout as the original, meaning that one can use that cue sheet to burn the audio tracks back to a CD-R. Since CD-Rs are extinctic in my view, one can come to the conclusion that in this case, cue sheets are totally useless (and emphasis in useless)... Exceptions apply when one will store single file album. I know you can grab some CD-R over Amazon, but come on, why would I want to burn a CD-R that will eventually lose reading overtime?; furthermore, what is the real fun in having a CD-R copy of audio, when FLAC playing is ubiquitous in many devices? - not to mention that CD-Rs scratches a lot). In other words: if I never intend to burn the audio back to a CD-R, I don't need a cue sheet; other FLAG information such as ISRC, pre-gap and HDCD can be tagged by dbPoweramp directly after the rip (even though I've seen some of my CDs showing ISRC over EAC and not dBPoweramp, and vice-versa). The only reason I would want a cue sheet is purely for the historical reason that of a particular CD layout information, technically speaking, but never to be used again.
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    Re: Extending my days of updates, plus cuesheets.

    1) Following the extend link from the control centre will add 2 years onto your existing.

    2) the CD is just the delivery medium, some people get hung up too much on pregap, etc which are just a limitation of the delivery format.

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    Re: Extending my days of updates, plus cuesheets.

    I only keep the CUE sheets in the following scenarios:
    • Track 1 has a pregap (for verification purposes)
    • The CD has pre-emphasis (no other way of identification)
    • Some tracks have multiple indexes (I sometimes split them)

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