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Thread: Duplicate Asset configuration for new Synology NAS

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    Duplicate Asset configuration for new Synology NAS

    I have one instance of Asset running on a Synology NAS at my house, but I just installed another Synolgy NAS (different model) in a second home. I spent a lot of time configuring Asset with a custom browse tree, etc. Is there any way that I can get the configuration information from the initial Synology NAS and copy it to the new Asset instance on a different NAS so I don't have to re-create everything?

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    Re: Duplicate Asset configuration for new Synology NAS

    Asset's status page shows you where the configuration data on the NAS is located.

    If you are familiar with Linux terminals and SSH, all you have to do is log in as root to both NASes and and transfer the folder, old to new. Shut down Asset on both ends prior to doing this then restart when finished.

    If you don't know how to do this manually, here are (relatively) simplified instructions:

    1)) Prepare Asset on the new NAS to receive the config.
    Write down the profile path from Asset configuration. You'll need this info later.
    Example from my NAS:
    /volume1/@apphome/Asset/.dBpoweramp/ (Synology)
    Then SHUT DOWN Asset using your NAS control panel prior to manipulating any files.

    2)) Make sure Asset is running in the old NAS.
    We'll use Asset's web configuration to transfer the data.

    3)) Obtain SSH access to your new NAS
    All modern operating systems now come with ssh, it should be all the same for Windows 10 / Windows 11 / Mac OS / Linux.
    Open terminal / command prompt.
    Log into your NAS with ssh:
    ssh admin@nas-name
    Where nas-name is the name of your NAS.
    Type admin password when prompted. Replace admin with your user name if your account is named differently.
    Once logged in, enter superuser mode:
    sudo -s
    This is necessary to manipulate Asset folders as of DSM 7. You will be prompted for your password again.
    Enter your Asset profile directory:
    cd /volume1/@apphome/Asset/.dBpoweramp/ (replace with your path if different)
    Clear existing data:
    rm -rf uMediaLibrary*
    And now the interesting part:
    curl http://old-nas-name:45537/config-dump.tar.gz | tar xzf -
    Replace old-nas-name with the name of your old NAS.
    When done, start Asset from NAS control panel and verify that your configuration works. You might have to override folder locations if they're named differently on the new unit.

    The above procedure can't handle multiple Asset instances, if you use them. I'll look into making it possible to upload configuration archive to Asset directly so you don't need SSH in the future.

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