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Thread: Naming cover art to match album

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    Naming cover art to match album


    I'm in the process of ripping a huge collection, and i see a lot of inconsistencies in meta-data available.

    When ripping batches I'm using the [discunique] tag to separate and identify albums.
    I also tried applying the tag to the cover art .jpg file, but it doesn't include the [dicunique] tag for some reason.

    The naming syntax is as follows:

    Audio files: [discunique]_0[disc][track]_ISRC_[isrc]_[album]_[album artist]_[title]_[length]
    Cover art: [discunique]_[album artist]_[album].jpg

    An example of the results

    782_0101_ISRC_GBBQY0500090_Oasis_Don't Believe The Truth_Turn Up The Sun_239240.wav
    _Oasis_Don't Believe The Truth.jpg

    Why doesn't it include the [discunique] tag in the .jpg file, and how can i resolve this?

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    Re: Naming cover art to match album

    It will be a small bug, we will make a note of it

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