Problems and concerns as a new user of PerfectTunes:

  1. PerfectTunes crashes every single time I attempt to use the ID Tags > Sort Tags option. I haven't seen any other options that will crash PT. I'm guessing it's related to the size of my collection, ~1,800 albums. I'm using the Mac version on macOS 13.3.1.
  2. It's way too easy to close a dialog and lose all of the work PT has done creating the necessary index for the current utility. This is particularly vexing when using the AccurateRip checker. Even after completing the initial indexing it takes several minutes to recheck the albums with problems; and then it's all undone if I hit the wrong button and exit back to the home screen when I hoped to merely return to a previous screen within the current tool.
  3. I don't understand and I can't find in the documentation what the "write tags" option is supposed to do in the AccurateRip tool. What sort of tags are being written?
  4. It would be nice to be able to exclude all albums in a particular report or write or clear tags for all albums instead of having to click them one at a time.
  5. In my initial scan some albums couldn't be verified because PT lost the connection to the database. It'd be nice to have an option to retry the connection for those specific albums en masse without rechecking every single album by leaving and reentering the application.