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Thread: Asset UPnP User Rename List feature

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    Asset UPnP User Rename List feature

    This feature can be found in:
    (Linux & Mac) : Advanced tab, User Rename List (Display / Tag Mapping) - Edit ...
    (Windows) : Advanced Settings window, General Settings box, User Rename List (Display / Tag Mapping) - [Edit Rename List]

    Note: All matching is non-case-sensitive. "Value" and "value" are treated as identical.

    Display remapping

    Change labels of fixed browse tree elements:
    Causes container named "text1" to be shown as "text2". Example:
    display:=Some Artist:=Renamed Artist

    Tag remapping

    Manipulate values of tag fields read from your music files.
    Changes all instances where fieldname equals value1 to value2
    Remaps genre of "Pop/Rock" to "Pop".

    === New features, May 2023 ===


    Advanced manipulation of tag fields read from your music files.
    preformat:=field:=%otherfield% %otherfield%
    Formats field from other fields.
    This is done on media indexing level, formatted value of field will be shown in all places.
    preformat:=album:=[%year%] %album%
    Prefixes all Album tags with [year].
    Substitutes Artist with Composer for all classical albums.

    File names

    Show tags instead of file names when browsing by folders.
    Based on preformat syntax, see above.
    preformat:=filename:=%artist% - %title%
    Causes artist - title to be shown instead of file name when browsing by folders.
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