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Thread: inaccurate (200) rip status

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    inaccurate (200) rip status

    I'm new to dBPoweramp (still on trial version) and was trying to rip this CD and got 2 inaccurate track statuses ... does that mean the CD is damaged or there is no match for these 2 tracks in the online databases it's looking for metadata or? Thanks!
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    Re: inaccurate (200) rip status

    Without the log all we can tell is that the signature of your disc (from the table of contents) matched other rips in the AccurateRip database (because there were some matches) and the audio content of 12 tracks matched with one of those discs in the database.
    The log should tell you if it encountered any problems reading the disc (assuming you were in secure mode).

    If you ripped the disc again you may see the CRC's for those 2 tracks change.

    It's possible that there has been a release where those 2 tracks are different (the fact track 13 only matched 71 shows that there is at least one other release), but it's unlikely.

    In summary, look at the log.

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    Re: inaccurate (200) rip status

    Almost certainly your rip has errors on those tracks, 200 is a high number of matches and your tracks do not match that.

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