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Thread: Normalizing volume on full music library

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    Normalizing volume on full music library


    I have a "big" music library in Apple Music with various audio formats from various sources (old mp3 comps from internet, CD Rips + ALAC to AAC conversion, audio extract from video , ...) and I would like all the tracks plays at the same volume...
    What's the best way to do that (Batch Converter and Replay Gain (Apply ?))and the best settings to use?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Normalizing volume on full music library

    You could try using Batch Converter > ReplayGain utility codec, selecting the Soundcheck option.

    This will simply write tags to your audio files (which I believe, though this needs to be confirmed, Apple Music can read) and will not alter the digital audio, whereasas the ReplayGain (Apply) DSP will.

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