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Thread: CD ripper. Is music stored on Mac?

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    CD ripper. Is music stored on Mac?

    Someone please explain. When I rip CDs to my streamer Via the selected path they go where they're supposed to go, to the internal storage of my streamer. My question is. Does the music also stay on my Mac because the albums show up in the 'Path' section of my DBpoweramp. I can't find the songs on my Mac once I remove the CD from the drive, I'm puzzled as to why I still see the albums on poweramp. Please help me to figure this out. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: CD ripper. Is music stored on Mac?

    Right click where it says 'Title' and enable the filename column, this shows exactly where the files will be saved, if not using Multi-Encoder, they are saved to only one location.

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