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Thread: Asset UPNP on Qnap bit perfect or not?

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    Asset UPNP on Qnap bit perfect or not?

    I have been using it for some time on a Qnap TS 559 PRO II Asset UPNP NAS,
    I am very satisfied with this media server, however, I noticed something curious in its operation.
    When I listen to music in HD 24/192 format, the upload from the NAS to the Akurate DS1 network player does not exceed 1mb/s, while these files in flac format have 5.2mb/s and in WAV format about 9.2mb/s. What happens? Does Asset transcoding in real time? is the information going to the network player bit perfect?
    What settings must be made in Asset so that the player receives the complete information?


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    Re: Asset UPNP on Qnap bit perfect or not?

    The Linn control point should show the audio info of the file it is playing.

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