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Thread: Converting FLAC on Mac

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    Converting FLAC on Mac

    I have been using dbPowerAmp to convert FLAC files to MP3 in Windows for a while. I recently switched to a Mac platform and want to continue redoing my library to save space. I bought the upgrade for dbPA for Mac and when I right click on a FLAC file to convert it I get a warning from the OS about the author. I can bypass it one file at a time but that seems silly. How do I get it to convert whole albums at a time? I ripped all my CDs to FLAC years ago but now want them in MP3 so I want to batch convert. MacOS isn't cooperating. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Converting FLAC on Mac

    Which version of macOS do you have?

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    Re: Converting FLAC on Mac

    If converting by right clicking in Finder is giving you trouble, why not launch dBpoweramp app and use Batch Converter to convert whole folders easily?

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